Zonasi kerentanan gerakan tanah endapan volkanik daerah Ciwidey dan sekitarnya, Provinsi Jawa Barat


Oleh : Andi Tirtanegara

Info Katalog

Nomor Panggil : 494/TG/2014

Penerbit : FTKE - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2014

Pembimbing 1 : Abdurrachman Assegaf

Subyek : Soil Geography

Kata Kunci : land movement, geomorphic, natural phenomenon, geographic information systmes

Status Posting : Published

Status : Lengkap

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1. 2014_GL_TA_07207002_7.pdf
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5. 2014_GL_TA_07207002_3.pdf
6. 2014_GL_TA_07207002_2.pdf
7. 2014_GL_TA_07207002_1.pdf

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L Land movement/ avalanches are a common geomorphic events on a steep slope usually. This natural phenomenon is included in one of the most catastrophic cause harm, loss of property or loss of life. The high level of vulnerability is caused by an avalanche of land conversion to uncontrolled development, giving rise to various problems such as environmental degradation. Location of the study area is administratively located in Ciwidey area and surrounding areas were geographically located at coordinates 107°25 00 — 107° 29 00 BT dan 07° 03 30 — 07°07 30 LS. The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the disaster prone areas by applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a method of processing secondary data into information and settings that produce the end result of making ground movement hazard maps. At the stage of data analysis starts from the basic digitizing maps into ArcGIS digital map, and the data required on the map and made some thematic maps combined with a way to overlay, so get zoning to limit the areas prone to ground movement in the area of disaster the study.

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