Petroleum system on South Sulawesi

Oleh : Yarra Sutadiwiria, Rendy, 1Imam Setiaji Ronoatmojo [], Dewi Syavitri, Cahyaningratri, P.R,, Amalia Yunita Puteri

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Penerbit : FTKE - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2023

Subyek : Petroleum

Kata Kunci : West-south Sulawesi, surface samples, source rock, biostratigraphy

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D Despite the many geological studies that have been carried out in Sulawesi, our understanding of the petroleum system inthe area is still very limited. Research conducted to date has focused on the complex tectonic evolution of the area and itsrole in the development of the Makassar Straits petroleum province. Several petroleum exploration wells have been drilledin the area, and while surface geological studies have shown indications of hydrocarbons (oil and gas seeps) and sourcerock, as well as more accurate determination of oil and gas sources, understanding the paleogeographical control over thedistribution of source rock and investigating the effects of subsidence and uplift of the area when hydrocarbons are formedand trapped. Research Objectives: This research is designed to clarify our understanding of the petroleum system in westsouthSulawesi, in particular to provide more detailed information on the relationship between identified source rocks andhydrocarbon seeps as well as observations of subsurface indications. This will be very valuable for the direction of oilexploration work in the future, both onshore and offshore areas to the west. Stages of the research method: The first stage ofthe research is compiling and reviewing a set of surface sample data that has and has not been analyzed before, in order tobe able to determine the nature and know the stratigraphic distribution of the source rock in the study area. Another thing todo at this stage is to review the biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental data from existing reports and existingpublications, regarding the identification of the age and depositional system of the source rock units, and identify thepossibility of other sequences that have the potential for the development of source rocks based on their paleoenvironment.This research is very related and is included in the author's big plan in the third phase of research from the research roadmap of the head researcher, which is planned until 2029. When linked to the faculty research road map, the research isincluded in the leading field of Green Energy (I), and the Green Engineering Technology (C) research group. The researchpartner is PT. Horizon Geoconsulting (overseas researchers). Targeted outputs: Targeted scientific publications in the firstyear are scientific articles published in Scopus indexed international journals (Q4). Proposed research TKT: targeted toreach level 3, to be analyzed comprehensively using the latest analytical techniques, so as to identify the nature of thehydrocarbons and enable better correlation with their source.

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