International conference on the global economic crisis and the Asean economy (1st, 2012 November 21-22: Jakarta)

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Penerbit : FEB - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2012

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1. The influence of bank fee based income on bank intermediation in Indonesia
2. Cost, revenue and profit efficiency of Islamic banks in Asian countries
3. Analysis on financial performance and efficiency changes of Malaysian commercial banks after mergers and acquititions
4. Factors affecting financial distress
5. Profitability of banking system in Malaysia
6. Acceptance and usage of Islamic home financing products of murbahah and musharakah mutanaqisah in Islamic banking: the Malaysian case
7. Halaman judul
8. Genetically modified foods: the possible dependency during Malaysia food crisis
9. Determinants of bank credit growth in Indonesia
10. Financial market reform, saving-investment, foreign currency and current account imbalance in Asean countries
11. Household debt in Malaysia
12. Fuel subsidy reform in Malaysia
13. Indonesia-building an inclusive development model
14. Fluctuation of Malaysia gold price
15. The innovation and long cycles of economic growth
16. Determinants of stock prices in Malaysia
17. Economic growth among tiger cub countries
18. Food choice determinants of island tourists
19. The synergism of ABG elements to creating agro-entrepreneurship in Indonesia
20. Choice modelling analysis for improving water supply
21. Food security and future adjusments
22. Modelling the impact of aquaculture activity in wetland ecosystem
23. Basic needs fulfilment, an ideal approach for ASEAN economy
24. Linkage between government spending, private expenditure and economic growth in ASEAN 5
25. The mapping of local economic development in decentralized governance era
26. Movement of stock market price in six ASEAN countries
27. Production and export supply of manufacturing sector in Malaysia
28. Globalization and its challenges to small medium entreprises
29. Bilateral trade flows of Indonesia, 2010
30. Trade response to economic shocks in Indonesia
31. The impact of global financial crisis on food security
32. Inflation transmission in South East Asia
33. Economics resilience and vulnerability of East Java
34. Lampiran
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