Penerapan operation research dalam pekerjaan pra-konstruksi untuk pematangan lahan


Oleh : Susianti Winoto

Info Katalog

Nomor Panggil : 333

Subyek : Land Use - Operation Research - Construction

Penerbit : FTSP - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 1998

Pembimbing 1 : Thoby Mutis

Kata Kunci : digged soil, operation research, pre-construction

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1. 1998_TS_SP_Penerapan-operation-research_7.pdf 3105.65
2. 1998_TS_SP_Penerapan-operation-research_4.pdf 1701.23
3. 1998_TS_SP_Penerapan-operation-research_3.pdf 2419.42
4. 1998_TS_SP_Penerapan-operation-research_2.pdf 621.74
5. 1998_TS_SP_Penerapan-operation-research_1.pdf 1307.7
6. 1998_TS_SP_Penerapan-operation-research_6.pdf 657
7. 1998_TS_SP_Penerapan-operation-research_5.pdf 1935.35

D Development requires an extensive land and need soil planning and compaction in such a way in order to be able to reach optimum result, especially seen from financial, time and quality aspects. This thesis to apply operation research method, a way taken in making decision by developing several alternative. Problem formulated in this thesis is limited to soil compaction which covers: land clearing, digging, excavating, and compacting by use some combinations in soil work and completed within the route taken in distributing digged soil to soil filling, by using transport models, in which planning determine soil function, then determining planned soil height contour thereby three conditions were obtained, i.r: - volume of digged soil = volume of soil filling (supply = demand) - volume of digged soil smaller than volume of soil filling (supply = demand) - volume of digged soil higher than volume of soil filling (supply = demand) Finding obtained were than applied in study case with objective would be to minimize cost, and variable to be found was the volume of soil distribution, with maximum constrain of each soil location offered for digging and demand for digged soil.

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