International seminar on livable space creating space for better life (2012, February 16-17 : Jakarta)

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Penerbit : FTSP - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2012

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1. Changes in the concept of establishment living spaces of local communities of aquatic region in Central Sulawesi
2. Perception of the inhabitants and feng shui concept for the Balinese traditional housing that adapts Nawa Sanga space concept
3. Livability on public space as a great street
4. Creating space for a better life
5. Making space livable : a post occupancy evaluation of the spaces for social interaction in apartment of Dhaka
6. Creating better space by virtual modelling
7. Study on inpatient facilities in West Java psychiatric hospital to improve space quality for better life of patiens
8. Managing stress by creating a comfortable home
9. User oriented design process
10. Rural societys interpretation of modern architecture represented by television
11. Cultural consumption in public place
12. Is the scar really a scar?
13. Cultural influences and neo urbanism on the transformation of urban space in Bali
14. City spaces and tourist places
15. Expantion of public area in the unique settlements case on Chinese settlements surrounding Pasar Gedhe Surakarta
16. Creating space character by psychological approach of the behavior
17. The pattern of Chinese settlement characteristic along the Cisadane river in Tangerang, Banten Province - Indonesia
18. Urban space paradigm
19. The livable mosque toward livable small houses
20. In search of space concept in Javanese architecture through cosmology concept in Javanese culture
21. Experiencing otherness: Livable spaces in contemporary Jakarta
22. Integration of habitable space and construction space in residences as the concept of hybrid space
23. Phallogocentrism in architecture
24. The mosque territories and its development as manifestation of changes in the function
25. Feng-Shui cultures space philosophy, worldview for built environment
26. Toward conceptual model for railway-oriented development-through enhancing livability of railway station district
27. The essence of livable space exploration of Javanese space in Kotagede, Yogyakarta
28. Wooden building living space as cultural heritage - effort & issues
29. Global trend for building
30. The concept of livable space in existing big cities in Indonesia
31. Gertak as a public space at the riverside settlement in West Kalimantan case study on beting settlement in Pontianak City
32. The contribution of building physics in quality of life
33. Halaman judul
34. About Nusantara architecture
35. Generating sustainable green open space development in urban residential areas through community participation approach
36. Some planning consideration of garden city concept towards achieving sustainable development
37. Sidewalk spaces in the city
38. Assessment of urban neighborhood environmental quality for playground in residential Tlogosari Kulon Semarang
39. Benefits beyond cost saving through energy efficiency in livable space
40. Cluster type of housing for defensible space
41. Street as livable space in the urban settlement
42. Visitor building and environmental perception influence on religious activity motivation at Al-Azhar grand mosque Jakarta
43. Adaptive roof tops as a multi-functional breathing space
44. Creating a liveable space - making a city place behavioral approach
45. Behavior setting interior residential space for better life
46. Green network system as storm water infrastructure for high density riparia-settlement
47. Livable space of open space : a study Taman Menteng in Central Jakarta
48. Feasibility study the function room open humanist revised from in the tiger park behavior users at Makassar
49. Setu Babakan Betawi cultural village in Srengseng Sawah - South Jakarta
50. Sea settlement and urbanization
51. Creating livable space for low-income society in urban area based on living culture
52. Socio-spatial control in creating livable spaces
53. Community participation and equity in space creating
54. Public space as a part of cultural identity values
55. Lapak houses : the other form of gated community?
56. Adaptive livable of the unit to the human character design
57. Perception of middle class wives in Jakarta about ideal house
58. The resilience of local architecture in the northern coastal area of East Java to the onslaught of immigrant architecture
59. Eco-social sustainable architecture
60. An old building in the colonial heritage style of 1938 appearing today as a modern-style building
61. A socio-geographic study on correlation of punk community and public space in Jakarta
62. Analyzing the sustainability of housing development in Indonesia
63. Remittance and rural migrant housing development in Kabupaten Subang
64. The accessibility in enhancing spatial equitable space by design strategies
65. Could we design sidewalk as a humane public spaces?
66. Application of universal design principles in facilitating salat and wudu at the mosque
67. A study on land use control
68. The effect of ventilation on thermal comfort in perumahan koperasi tahu tempe, Semanan, West Jakarta
69. The adative re-use model of historic public spaces in creating liveable urbanspace
70. Urbanism and life style in the Malay world
71. The investment pattern in coastal tourist district morphology of Nusa Lembongan Bali
72. A Critic to urban development control in relation to Garden City conservation
73. The re-identification of building and environment character of Kebayoran Baru conservation area, a methodology of development strategy formulation
74. Identification of environmental character at jalan wolter monginsidi - Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta
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