Kajian sistem ruang terbuka hijau di kota Depok (studi kasus: Kecamatan Pancoran Mas, Kecamatan Sukmajaya dan Kecamatan Cimanggis)

Oleh : Tysa Herdiana

Info Katalog

Penerbit : FALTL - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2011

Pembimbing 1 : Rahel Situmorang

Pembimbing 2 : Iwan Ismaun

Subyek : Green open spaces

Kata Kunci : green open spaces, community development

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D Depok city has a background in geo-hydrological catchment has a natural function forits downstream region. The high activity and community development in tend to be intensive land use, characterized by the occurrence of land use are not build into the urban area of land awoke. Depok city has an area of 20.029 ha, which is limited in urban land use. However, in reality a lot of vacant land in Depok city that tends to neglect and less exploited. Depok City land use more for the development and physical growth as compared with the ecological. So, one of the causes conversion of Green Open Space in Depok city out of control.In Act No. 26 of 2007 on Spatial Planning said that the vast proportion of green space is a minimum of 30 percent of the city, consisting of public green open space 2%, managed by local governments, and green open space Private 10%, owned by the public and private. Area of green open space at least 30% of the city aims to balance the ecosystem. However, total green open spaces in the city of Depok has now reached 9.32% for the Green Open Space for Public and Private 40.68% for green space. Green open space in order to have the important role of Depok, Depok city require theconnectedness (system) as a supplement or complement the city and as a means of controlling the physical development.In this case the network of green open spaces, especially urban region of Depok City with various types and functions there is a series connection of city parks, green corridors roads, rivers, railways, high voltage lines, reservoirs, marshes there, funerals, sports venues and other green open space, integrated into a unified form a system of open green spaces the city of Depok.Based on this study, connectivity between areas of green open space to form agreen open space of Depok City, especially on public green open space is divided into two, namely the form of green open space area and shape of the Green Line in order to assess the green open space systems Depok city on 3 districts such as Pancoran Mas, Sukmajaya and Cimanggis. From the study of Green Open Space System in Pancoran, Sukmajaya dan Cimanggis, as a public open space, then the conclusion is obtained,that : a. Pancoran Mas Availability of green open space area in Pancoran Mas with an a area of 412,38 Ha with a green line of 54.114 Ha. As Required by 48 facilities, 35 ha and a biffer neighborhood of 315,3 ha. b. Sukmajaya Availability of green open space area in Sukmajaya extent of 462.28 hectares with a green line that is 152,13 Ha. With the requirements of 53,56 Ha facilities and environmental buffer of 349,3 Ha. c. Cimanggis Availability of green open space area in Cimanggis extent of 402,45 Ha and of green belt. With the requirements of 55.71 Hafacilities and environmental buffer of 363.3 haThe total amount of each distric, availability gren open space area is 1276,11 Ha and the green line is 302 Ha. Than the availability of analycal result on the green open space district produce 184.41 Ha with green open space need of 1185.52 Ha. Thus, the three green open space is already sufficient to exceed the needs of green open space in this distric. Which is 660.89 Ha. The existing condition in Pancoran Mas, Sukmajaya and Cimanggis a green infrastructure which is a network of different types of green open space consisting of the area (hub) and the green line (link).

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