Interior Restoran Senduk Bangu di Hotel Mercure, Banjarmasin Kalimantan Selatan

Oleh : Ashri Darani

Info Katalog

Nomor Panggil : 0003/DI/2015

Penerbit : FSRD - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2015

Pembimbing 1 : Arma G Subijanto

Pembimbing 2 : Asih Retno D

Subyek : Restaurants - Decoration;Restaurants - Designs and plans

Kata Kunci : interior design, Senduk Bangu Restaurant, Mercure Hotel, Banjarmasin South Kalimantan

Status Posting : Published

Status : Lengkap

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I Indonesia is one of countries visited by tourists and business peopledomestically as well as from abroad. So far businessmen only focused inparticular islands, especially Java Island. In fact, Java increasingly congestedand it is time to begin to look to the islands outside Java as a business andtourism opportunities. One of them is Kalimantan, an island rich in naturalbeauty.Because of advances in the economy and tourism sectors, infrastructureand facilities are required such as a business hotel to support the activities ofbusinessmen. A business hotel should also be able to serve the culinary needsthrough restaurant the facilities.Restaurant is very important element for the advancement of hotelindustry; therefore they should not only sell culinary diversity, but alsoatmosphere and its interior.To introduce and preserve Indonesian culture, hence in this design, will bedisplayed one of Indonesian culture, the Dayak Tribe of Kalimantan.In this opportunity, author designed the restaurant with Dayak theme,namely "Senduk Bangu Restaurant". Restaurant with concept of Dayak isexpected to be known by domestic as well as overseas tourists and businessmenwith objective of introducing the Dayak culture.Senduk Bangu Restaurant with theme of Mystical Dayak is located inMercure Hotel, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The hotel is expected to offer thetouch of local wisdom for the guests through the restaurant facilities.

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