Model hidrogeologi dan sistem panasbumi Lapangan X, Kabupaten Minahasa, Sulawesi Utara menggunakan analisis geokimia dan alterasi mineral

Oleh : Fikri Adam Dermawan

Info Katalog

Nomor Panggil : 514/TG/2014

Penerbit : FTKE - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2014

Pembimbing 1 : Untung Sumotarto

Subyek : Geothermal Resources - Indonesia

Kata Kunci : geothermal system, reservoir, temperature, alteration zone, upflow, outflow

Status Posting : Published

Status : Lengkap

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T The aim of the study was to determine the model of the hydrogeological and geothermal systems of the study area. In this study, there are several stages of research methods, namely: 1). Literature. 2). Methods of analysis, performed using four methods: a. Geochemical analysis of geothermal water. b.Analisis geothermal gas geochemistry. c. Analysis Geoindikator liquid and gas. d.Analisis geothermometer. e.Analisis well log. And the results obtained it can be concluded that Sulawesi island has a very complex geological condition caused by collision of three major tectonic plates, those are Indian-Australian plate, Pasific plate and Eurasian plate. This condition has been affecting the geological history of North Sulawesi volcano’s activity which has been activated since early Miocene until now. Dilational fractures control the presence of geothermal manifestation in the research area. Geothermal system in the research area is included in high relief system which the heat source comes from magma. There are two types of manifestation, those are hot spring and fumarol. The approximate reservoir temperature is about 280o - 290oC and goes down toward the outflow zone. The reservoir fluid type of this geothermal system is liquid dominated. Based on geochemical analysis the upflow zone is located on MAP1 and Fum1 (Southwest of research area) and the outflow zone flowing toward the Tondano lake (Norteast and East of research area). Geothermal system in the research area consists of three compiler units, those are cap rock which is composed of argillic zone, transition zone which is composed of outer propylitic and reservoir which is composed of propilitic zone

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