International Conference on Business and Management (2012 September 6-7: Phuket, Thailand)

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Penerbit : FEB - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2012

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1. ABC-VED analysis and economic order interval (EOI) - multiple items for medicines inventory control in Hospital.
2. Lean six sigma and operational auditing as a new paradigm for improvement.
3. Measuring operational efficiency of public sector banks in India.
4. A study constraints and motivating factors for Indian women entrepreneurs in small scale industries.
5. Satisfaction of hotel business regarding educational hotel trip survey: a case study of chatrium hotel riverside Bangkok.
6. Measuring post-crisis destination image of Thailand as a MICE destination.
7. Tourism growth strategy and its impact in Indonesia economy.
8. Factors MRP implementation in manufacture for small and medium-sized firms
9. The analysis of the impact of bank loan implementation to increase micro scale company profit (case study in hamster breeder company in Bandung - Indonesia).
10. Entrepreneurship and economic growth: an analysis of impact of public policy on entrepreneurship development in Nigeria.
11. The obstacles to be young entrepreneur.
12. Mass customization of banking services.
13. Differences on effects in prefential treatment level of relationship outcome: an empirical study on customer department store.
14. Comparative analysis of development of SMEs in developed and developing countries.
15. Midnight sale: as a special event pricing strategy at Debenhams departement store to impulse buying decision.
16. The implementastion of marketing public relations strategy in rebranding process.
17. The role of income level in green consumer behaviour: multigroup structural equation model analysis.
18. Identification of traditional craftsmen profile for the strengthening of the creative industries and poverty reduction: case study: traditional pottery craftsmen in Kasongan, Yogyakarta Indonesia.
19. Combination marketing exploitation and exploration strategies in islamic bank.
20. The difference of factors that influence the purchase decision - making of flood- victim consumers before and after the flooding in 2010.
21. Social media marketing and the hospitality industry: evidence from Thailand.
22. Corporate social responsibility practices among private school organizations: the Philipine experience.
23. Relationship quality in hair style context: antecedents and consequences.
24. The influence of service quality on customer satisfaction (Study in starbucks coffee - Indonesia).
25. Measuring islamic compliance on the moderating effects of islamic knowledge level and the relationship between trust and loyalty intention.
26. Influencing factors to job satisfaction and organizational commitment in manufacturing organization, affect to turnover intention: a context of thai fashion industry
27. Type personality moderating effect on the influeance of role stressors on burnoutnn
28. CSR management toward sustainability
29. The influence of company characteristics toward corporate social responsibility disclosure.
30. Factors affecting bank profitability in Indonesia
31. Manager´s optimal mental state
32. Study of the capacity of human resources (hr) apparatus territorial (district and ward) in the city government Bandung
33. Implementation of financial compensation at syariah mandiri bank s contract employee in maqashid syariah perspective
34. Understanding the stressors and coping strategies among MBA students in Malaysian
35. Representing of a model for compiling of competences required by managers of sport federations in Iran
36. Financial literacy among rural masses in India
37. Contribution of construction investment on gross value added, employment absorption and import content in Indonesia
38. An analysis of theoretical framework of social enterprises and its implication: a case study approach
39. stock market technical efficiency for half normal distribution
40. Driving the value premium through cultural, symbolic, economic and social capital management
41. Comparison between the modern and Islamic concept of taxationn
42. The effect of sharing financing and non-sharingnfinancing on the risk and profitability of Islamicnmicrofinance
43. Understanding an objection as quasy/pseudo judicial in Indonesian tax court system: notes for current and incoming investors from Asia Pasific regions and Western Countriesn
44. Stochastic topsis employment in stock ranking for the stock exchange of Thailandn
45. The effect of accounting conservatism on income tax litigationn
46. Effect intellectual capital (value added intellectual capital) to market value and financial performance of banking sector companies listed in Indonesia stock exchange
47. The effect of statutory income tax rate on corporate accounting conservatism
48. Foreign direct investment (FDI) environment in Myanmar – critical factors
49. What could be learned from the Netherlands, Singapore, and Philippinesn
50. Factor analysis of internal and external company and its effect on company value in listed mining sector in stock exchange Indonesia
51. Value loaded development: is it outmoded?
52. Letting genie out of the bottle (towards thenformulation of policies to promote innovation activities of private firms)
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