Proceeding the international seminar on sustainable urban development: the dynamics of urban and environment towards climate change: plans, strategies and pravtices (3rd, 2014 September 17: Jakarta)


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Penerbit : FALTL - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2014

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No. Judul Detail
1. Study of landscape the economic landscape in recreational designation in Jakarta
2. Electrocoagulation technology for the domestic waste water treatment
3. Technical design solid waste management with the concept of 3R at high raise building
4. Halaman judul
5. Landscape heritage protection and management in ancient site Muaro Jambi
6. Are lessons in water management learned: no, they are not
7. Dynamic system model of waste management development Gubeng distric, Surabaya
8. Effect of leachate containing lime recirculation on solid waste degradation in Gunong Maddah Landfill, Sampang, Madura
9. The syncronization of agriculture regulations and its implementation - in the context of improving farmers welfare
10. The utilization of organic waste for production of biogas
11. Study on wastewater management in flat areas using community participation
12. The influence of number of vehicles on the concentration of particulates and Pb in the air and their impacts
13. Sustainable residential coplex landscape design in Korea
14. Effective management of greenspaces Jakarta City
15. Urban adaptation on global climate change
16. Causer and terminator of sea level rise (Jakarta)
17. Influence of biochips amount for organic loading removal from sewage water by biochips implementation in MBBR system
18. Bod-do system dynamic modeling of the Ciliwung river second segment
19. Social demographic determinations of lymphatic filariasis in Palu, Central Sulawesi
20. Model of street design effect on accident characteristics in the city centre
21. The treatment of paperboard industry waste water using activated sludge process
22. Plant and environmental quality
23. Planning of road side greenery in Cawang interchange East Jakarta to reduce particulate pollutant emitted by transportation activities
24. Degradation of sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant with photocatalytic process using ZnO nanoparticle
25. Implementation of artificial recharge to mitigate groundwater scarcity in Jabodetabek
26. Pollution levels from engine and turbine compressor on gas station
27. Utilization of cow manure as granule fertilizer at farm around Cikapundung river watershed
28. The nature tourism marketing strategy of Rimbo Tujuah Danau in Desa Buluh Cina Kampar District
29. Development of hydraulic design criteria on drainage system in residential area
30. The influence of media in degrades the pollutants in constructed wetland
31. Energy and human development
32. Integrated coastal zone planning, based on the dynamic supply and demand potential
33. The impact of regional splitting on deforestation
34. Application of QUAL2K model for predicting water quality in the upper Citarum river, West Java, Indonesia
35. Hydrodynamics simualtion for performance optimization on oxidation ditch unit using CFD
36. Climate change and strategy of reservoir operations in semi-arid area, West Timor
37. The use of sarang semut plant (myrmecoda pendens) as community herbal medicine
38. Impact of traditional gold mining activities in Tasikmalaya
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