Seminar Proceedings ISoSUD 2011 The 2nd International Seminar On Sustainable Urban Development : Green Urban Development and Poverty Eradication : Plans, Strategies and Practices

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Penerbit : FALTL - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2011

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1. Green infrastructure in cities and towns in Southeast Asian countries : quest for research
2. The climate change dilemma in urban Southeast Asia: adaptive and mitigation challenges
3. Local wisdom on sustainable development development: womwn's role through arisan
4. Assessing place of water in sustainable human settlement planning: acase study of planned State Capital, Chandigarh
5. Wastewater treatment - domestic sewage treatment by combined mechanical, chemical and biological processes to reduce pollution of the aquatic environment
6. Water, climate and urban realm
7. Adaption of coastal society to face climate change in Semarang
8. Energy efficiency and reduction of ozone - depleting by using hydrocarbons as environmental friendly regrigerant
9. Identification of abrasion area and prevention system in coastal Semarang City
10. Urban sprawl on Jeneberang Delta of Makassar : a remote sensing and GIS perspective
11. Identification resource and necessity of raw in Depok City
12. Sedimentation problem in West Tarum Canal West Java Indonesia
13. The strategy of developing the port of TG Priok as interface for provinci of west Java and Jakarta
14. The sustainability of community based solid waste management/MRF in Denpasar
15. Planning of integrated solid waste management system in tourist resort area(case study : Marina Coastal Area, Semarang)
16. Tofu waste community basaed management in Kelurahan Jomblang Semarang City
17. Management of medical waste :on site handling and disposal in Surabaya City (Case study: Eastern and Western District)
18. Poverty alleviation concept based on water supply (case study : Bandung Basin - West Java, Indonesia)
19. Struggling for sustainable living : the case studies of the residents living in high - density housing
20. Sanitation and water services factors influencing diarrhea susceptibility's status in Bekasi District
21. Community forest management as a community rural poverty alleviation efforts in Banjarnegara
22. Instruments for provision of private green open space (case study of Bandung)
23. Green open space needs and functions as a recharge area in each area of DKI Jakarta
24. Sustainable contents of Kayik as public space
25. Promotion and implementation of cleaner production through green building : case study greenship rating tools
26. Forward osmosis: ' a sustainable desalination technology'
27. Metal fractionation on soils : a comparative assessment of six sequential extraction schmes
28. Utilization the result of biogas purification as a form of improved welfare tofu industry and application of environmental friendly technology
29. Biopore absorbing hole as water conserving method
30. Strategies of manage conflict for social conflict solution in housing development acitivity
31. Sustainable settlement in terms of hydrology aspect
32. Solar module design based on multicrytstalline silicon solar cell
33. Meaning of plants in landscape simbolism of Surakarta Hadiningrat Place into green urban development
34. Implementation of indigenous wisdom in managing the social forest of Desa Adat Tenganan Pegringsingan, Bali
35. Bangka Belitung eco park : a new landscape in ex-mining development
36. The concept of sustainable green open space to support the development of the city
37. Effect on the concept of green infrastructure surface flow green open spaces water availability of land in Jakarta
38. Fate of Hydrokarbon concentration in water Donan River, Cilacap - Central Java
39. Pretreatment of raw water using combination of biofilter and ultrafiltration to remote Ammoniac, Nitrite, and Nitrate with hydraulic detention time variation
40. Cost optimization of water distribution main pipe subjected to the density of house connections
41. Application of constructed wetland in urban areas (application sub-surface flow system pilot scale in Jakarta)
42. Environmental analysis in determining urban solid waste treatment system (Study area: West Jakarta)
43. The old house design as physical attribute of culture as making place's agent of Kayik
44. The basic thought for development and control of the green in the watershed Cisadane Tangerang District in Banten Province
45. Analysis of pedestrian paths in the town of Tangerang to the development of sustainable urban landscape
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