Proceeding International Conference Sustainability in Service Industry (3rd, 2007 November 21-23 : Jakarta)

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Penerbit : FEB - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2007

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1. Heritage town tourism : the impact of landfill.
2. The effect of perceived water quality towards ecotourism at Tasik Chini.
3. Halaman judul
4. Service quality as perceived by inbound health tourists in the island hospital, Penang.
5. The strategic challenges for sustainability in hospitality as a service industry
6. The role of the service sector in Indonesian economy.
7. Performance management in Australian micro-businesses: a case study approach.
8. Emotional labour in higher educational institution.
9. The influence of culture towards employee service orientation.
10. Diversity at work: implications for negative workplace behaviours and bullying.
11. Market orientation and institutional performance: an empirical examination in Indonesia
12. Emotional climate: towards a measure of emotional sustainability in service organisations.
13. Training quality, strategic alignment of training and training transfer: an enhacing the performance of human resource development (HRD) on malaysian public service.
14. The effect of participatory leadership toward patient satisfaction mediated by clinical quality, process quality, and service value in hospital.
15. The role of business school in the mainstreaming of corporate social responsibility in Indonesia.
16. Influecing social on reaction of investor.
17. Foreign exchange risk management (FERM) Practices among Malaysian manufacturers
18. The impact of earnings management on earning quality
19. Management accounting change practices: a case study
20. Deregulating ASEAN aviation: opportunities for valuebased carriers.
21. Sustaining municipal landfill through scavenging activities: the cases of larut -matang landfill.
22. Islamic Coorporate Social Disclosure (ICSD): perception of Muslim Investors in Malaysia
23. Transfer of technology to manufacturing small and medium enterprisees in a developing country: the case of Tegal metalworking industry in Indonesia
24. The future of arisan with auction system as an alternative method of financing
25. The effect of trust dimension toward E-commerce customers participation: study on E-commerce customers in Indonesia.
26. The effect of country-of-origin image on brand equity in service setting
27. An investigation of service quality in the face of market change
28. The effects of health care quality and patient sacrifice toward word of mouth communication mediated by health care value and patient satisfaction in hospital
29. Exploratory study of retail store environment to survive and sustain in hypercompetitive industry
30. The effect of a market orientation on business performance in the Indonesian lodging sector
31. Consumer ethics: an investigation of the ethical beliefs of young Malaysian consumers
32. Exploring market accessibility of Malaysian s tropical fruits in Japan: challenges and potentials
33. Service recovery and post purchase behavior: an experimental study
34. The effect of interpersonal interaction and consumer trsut on relationship commitment in high-contact service context
35. Measuring the Competitiveness of Islamic Banking in Indonesia
36. The association between analysts consesus forecast, transparency, and earnings management: an experimental study.
37. Determinants of debt policy in service industry
38. Risk management for internet banking.
39. Analysis risk adjusted performance measurement portofolio syariah share.
40. Does financial statement publication effect stock price of LQ-45 at Jakarta stock exchange.
41. Factors influencing Malaysian working professionals to practice multiple banking.
42. Enhance the bank competitiveness through adapting CARTER MODEL: an empirical study in syariah banks, in Jogjakarta & Pekanbaru, Indonesia.
43. Knowledge management in Sohei: design and performance evaluation.
44. Understanding students decision making in choosing private higher education institutions.
45. Managing service recovery for internal customer of a higher education institution.
46. The analysis of University characteristic toward the motive and benefit of web usage to strengthen the institution position and sustainbility.
47. The perception of west java university student candidates on the dimensions of higher education quality: a dyadic approach.
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