International seminar on megalopolis integrated development and management (2009 October 19: Jakarta)

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Penerbit : FALTL - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2009

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1. Halaman judul
2. The coordinating ministry for economic affairs Republic of Indonesia
3. Jakarta Metropolitan area and national development strategy
4. Sustainable domestic wastewater treatment in urban areas
5. Urban landscape development and management of megalopolis towards sustainability
6. Ethnic plants usage on conservation of Ciliwung watershed
7. Eco-friendly drainage concept as one of the efforts for restraint flood in Jakarta
8. The use of risk analysis techniques to determine the probability of raw water quality of drinking water change becuase of wastewater disharge
9. The contribution of trees in China town to reduce environmental impact in urban area
10. The shifting of economic structure in Jabodetabek megalopolis in the context of changing in urbanization and spatial pattern
11. Eco-briquette from composite of PT SIER sludge, LDPE plastic, and coffee husk
12. Waste management in Tangerang province
13. Improving water quality by using Gerabah as a small scale filter
14. Study of methane gas (CH4) and carbon dioxide (Co2) production from municipal solid waste
15. The study of stirring effect in increasing the efficiency of leachate treatment using electrocoagulation process
16. Landscape design in town planning; now conception green belts in Jakarta
17. River basins integrated land use planning and management
18. Eco-briquette from composite of IPAL sludge, LDPE plastic, and corncob
19. Mega urban agglomerations in Southeast Asia
20. An urban development model based on soil, water and natural aesthetic conservation to share citizen welfare - an idea
21. The continuity and change in mega urbanization in Indonesia
22. A mapping of particular concentration in area Dr. Soetomo general hospital Surabaya
23. Transformation of symbolic value into integrated spatial development
24. Emerging issues on megalopolis spatial development in urban fringe disparities
25. The perspective of sustainability in urban development
26. The removal of heavy metal concentration in laboratory wastewater using coconut fiber mattress as the adsorben media
27. Urban drainage network capacity enhancement techniques identification
28. Integrated city function in megalopolis
29. High rise building concept for high density living slum area
30. Green open space policy to support the creation of city image
31. Crime prevention through environmental design
32. A concept of street landscape metropolis for anticipating future cities problems
33. Optimalization of mookervart river with zoning and water regulation
34. Public transport development for Jabodetabek area
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