Inovasi desain kriya tradisional kelom geulis hasil industri rumahan di Tasikmalaya : tahun ke 3 dari rencana 5 tahun

Oleh : Ganal Rudiyanto, Eveline Ciptadewi Soeseti, Dody Setianto

Info Katalog

Penerbit : Lemlit - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2014

Subyek : Product design;Clogs - Tasikmalaya

Kata Kunci : new timage clogs , promotion, market expansion, resilience competitiveness, welfare crafters

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W Weaknesses include the development of marketing geulis clogs caused by inaction on the decorative motif design improvements clogs footwear . The craftsmen clogs from Tasikmalaya generally only adept at using the drawing tools canting and spray gun , but lack the ability to develop creativity in the design of decorative motifs . To reduce these barriers , the company is divided crafters textbook which contains guidance on how to develop creativity decorative motif design variants . To improve the technical skills of drawing , creative artisans received training and guidance through the Community Services through periodically . The image of this new product variants clogs , marketing expanded by opening new centers of regional marketing , promotion through visual media enhanced with a variety of other visual communications media . Effective media campaign is print media , electronic and exhibitions . Internet is considered important because this medium is very broad reach with promotional costs are still affordable . Complementary communication media print is still an important option. Activities through the exhibition that is supported by various government agencies is a good opportunity to communicate directly with the consumer society in capturing complete information about the prospects of the product clogs

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