Pemiskinan perempuan atas tanah ulayat yang berubah hak

Oleh : Wahyuni Retnowulandari

Info Katalog

Penerbit : FH - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2020

Subyek : Land tenure;Women's rights

Kata Kunci : women's rights, customary land, gender perspective

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No. Nama File Jml. Halaman Status
1. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Halaman-Judul.pdf
2. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Halaman-Pengesahan.pdf
3. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Bab-1_Pendahuluan.pdf
4. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Bab-2_Tinjauan-Pustaka.pdf
5. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Bab-3_Metode-Penelitian.pdf
6. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Bab-4_Analisa-dan-Pembahasan.pdf
7. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Kesimpulan.pdf
8. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Daftar-Pustaka.pdf
9. 2020_LEMLIT_FH_Tinjauan-Yuridis-Mengenai-Pemberian_Lampiran.pdf

I Indonesia has ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women in 1984, though the fact remains that women are still often subordinated, among other matters including customary land rights such as cases in Lombok, West Sumatra, Riau and others that prioritize investment that would bring economic benefits for adat authorities in which do not involve women. Moreover, the dispute over the function of ulayat land impacts families’ poverty, including women. Therefore scientific work with a normative approach using secondary data had sought to compile some of the results of previous empirical research that had raised the case of the transfer of customary land rights, and has recommended ways to overcome them by reforming specific regulations regarding the procedure for transferring customary land rights to state rights and equitable ownership rights. and with a gender perspective.

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