Jurnal Arsitektur Lansekap

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Harum Wardhani
biotechnology ; research park
Education and research activity which must in close proximity each other. Both of them is tight and never be separated. Cibinong science center (CSC) LIPI, which has wide 193 194 ha, has drive to be propagation science area especially for soft material subject or life science with build green area which better quality from each other. Pusat penelitian (Puslit) biotechnology placed in the area of CSC-LIPI with whole wide is 14 ha and have facilities such as the laboratory, library, parking area, administration building of LIPI, guest house of biotech, mosque, cantin, and other support facility like green house and breed house. Majority, the scientist and employer has spent many time in the building because of that in propagation need consideration to be concerned in function and the user. Increasing in main function, to support the function and has reserve function with approach of ecology, function, form, time, and economic. By the potential that it had, therefore propagation that will act in Puslit Biotechnology LIPI is in research subject and science recreation. Science which put in form of recreation is one of alternative to introduce that science to the young generation. Puslit biotechnology which placed in front of the area of LIPI complex designed interesting in order that to invite people to study or just enjoy it. Not only for the recreation, Puslit biotechnology is also useful as place for research and study for student (from play group to collage).
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Rustam Hakim
Green open space
This paper examined the public review of green open space planning of Jakarta. The discussion is divided into two parts, first, why the management of green open space is less successful, and second, knowing the public’s review of Jakarta on the planning aspects of green open space in terms of the elements of physical factors, ecological element, the element of participation and transparency elements. The method used is through questionnaires and interviews with leaders of the community as stakeholders. From of distribution of questions is done by random sampling technique for each municipality. According to a statement Singarimbun Masri (2005) that the random sample is unit-free analysis. After the selected unit-unit may not be re-elected. Choice of units is not possible to change all the other units in the same unit of population. In this study involved a sample of 260 respondents with a confidence index of 95% and corrected as much as 5.5%. Levels are based on the size and the index calculation convictions have been made by De Vaus (Shuhana, 1997). The selection is based on the suitability of this study with 95% confidence cost and time factors. To get data processing, then closed questionnaire used to respondents from the category of recipient policies with the number of respondents from a population of 260 inhabitants 9,720,40 and randomly distributed into five regions of the municipality of Central Jakarta municipality, North Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta, and West Jakarta.n
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Jusna J.A. Amin
landscape architecture ; education
This paper try to explain, chronologically, the growth of landscape architecture education in global scoop (international) and in local scoop (Indonesia), proceeded with explanation of several definitions that need to be settled, such as; landscape concept, landscape architecture definition, the role of professional organization (IFLA and IALI/ISLA), and many others. A clear definition and educational requirements of landscape architecture will answer to socio-cultural, ecological and professional challenges in contemporary world; that also need protection assurance, development and urgent action.nAs an inter-diciple, educational contents of this field are always change based on world development, demand, and fast growing technology. As a part of science, art, and profession, landscape architecture have contribute for more than a century since acclaimed as a profession for the first time at 1858 and firstly tough at Graduate School of Design, Harvard university, Massachusetts, United States, 1900.nIn science and educational program in Indonesia, landscape architecture is “novice science”, so there’s still a rise and fall on its acknowledgement and its used, ‘Transition and Continuity’ are the key-words to describe the dynamic in both international scale and regional scale.n
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Norhuzailin Hussain
user satisfaction
Most urban population are concern with healthy living styles. People use public parks for leisure and recreational activities such as jogging, brisk walking and games to maintain a good health. Parks also can give a sense of identity or ownership of certain community. Hus, there is a high demand fro public parks fro recreational and other leisure activities. To satisfy this demand, local authorities constantly develop and maintain urban parks to fulfill these needs. People visit parks for many reasons but mostly for social or leisure purposes. However, some public parks are under use due to numerous factors. This has led them to be utilized instead by unhealthy social elements such as drug addicts and criminals. This paper intends to highlight park users’ satisfaction towards existing environment and facilities three selected local parks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Users were surveyed to find out issues encountered in using the parks as well as their expectations for future improvement. Park user satisfaction is an important component in ensuring the sustainable use of parks in Malaysia and elsewhere. There findings will help the local authority to manage and understand the dynamic of park users’ need to ensure the sustainable use and management of parks for future generations.
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Rahel Situmorang
Sustainable development
It is the aim of every government that planning, conservation and development should be directed to the wise use of resources to achieve the highest quality of living for this and future generations. In practice, development tends to place stronger emphasis on quantitative increases, whereas conservation is concerned with qualitative aspects of the environment. Conflict between conservation and development can be minimized if there is balance between these two interests.nCampbell (2003:433) argue that the simple triangular model is then used to question whether sustainable development, the current object of planning’s fascination, is a useful model to guide planning practices.nIn the case of Indonesia, with its condition of economic, social, and environment issues, there has been environmental sustainability concerned with the development of physical planning in urban areas, but planners should persuade the government to do so. n
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